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Books by Nathan Jones...



Revolutionary Erotica and Other Poems




Revolutionary Erotica


A compilation of reflective, bluesy, and erotic poetry which captures an unrivaled African-American experience, deeply insightful, alive and rooted in the rich tradition of Black literature and music.   In Revolutionary Erotica, Nathan Jones, a native of New Orleans, uses poetry as a device to explore the possibilities of language by providing a voice to capture his unique experience as an African-American coming of age in the Bay Area.   With his first collection of poetry, he joins the ranks of Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, Saul Williams, Jessica Care Moore, and Langston Hughes.  Jones’ poetry is musically, lyrically, and consciously enticing. Nathan Jones hopes to contribute his stories, legacy, and talent to an already timeless body of African-American literature.   To purchase your copy of Revolutionary Erotica, click here to visit our sister site, SajeTanira Publishing!


Black Man In Europe:  The Novel

Black Man In Europe:  The Novel

What begins as a planned three-month hiatus from a frustrating three-month American culture turned into an odyssey of unexpected travels, adventures, friendships, and perceptive observations into the European way of life.   Europe has never looked better.   Nathan Jones puts an intriguing and unique spin on the typical, so-called American rite of passage, the European vacation.   We are privy to explore a Europe many of us do not get to see; the Western European continent through the lenses of an educated American-born Black man.   With beautiful imagery and intelligent word play, Jones allows the reader to accompany him on his travels, and we are surprisingly rewarded, awaiting to learn more about this journey.   Black Man in Europe is passionate, poetic, and profound.   To purchase your copy of Black Man in Europe, click here to visit our sister site, SajeTanira Publishing!


 Black Man In Europe:  Micro Volume



Black Man In Europe:  Micro-Volume

Nathan Jones chronicles his impressions and experiences leaving the readers to question for themselves the world of Europe as explored through the eyes of an American-born African.   To purchase your copy of Black Man in Europe (Micro Volume), click here to visit our sister site, SajeTanira Publishing!


Excerpts From My Soul:  Read Without Prejudice

Excerpts From My Soul...Read Without Prejudice

In his eagerly anticipated new release, Nathan Jones decides to stretch the boundaries of literature.  Excerpts From My Soul...Read Without Prejudice takes a look at the world through the use of prose poetry, compelling short stories, vignettes, and comical introspections about the complexities of the world in the twenty-first century.   The world as we know it has changed, and Jones' intent is to massage the minds of mainstream America, giving the nation a surreal, yet realistic slice of what he views as necessary conversation which is isolated by the mainstream media.   The goal is to break bread on less excitable subject matter which many refuse to discuss and print because of a fear of censorship.   To purchase your copy of Excerpts From My Soul...Read Without Prejudice, click here to visit our sister site, SajeTanira Publishing!